Breast Stimulation and Sexual Arousal

The functions of a woman’s breasts go beyond breastfeeding her babies. Female breasts are considered to be secondary sex organs, the primary sex organs being the labia, the clitoris and the vagina. For most women, their breasts and nipples are erogenous, feel-good zones which, when caressed or fondled, arouse her sexually. Dr. Roy Levin and Dr. Cindy Meston, in an article in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine”, state that 82 % of women experience increased sexual desire from stimulation of the nipples. With heightened sexual arousal, vaginal lubrication occurs, which is essential for pleasurable sexual intercourse for both the woman and her male partner.

man fascinated by partner's breasts¬†For the male, his female partner’s breasts have irresistible sexual appeal when they are large, rounded, firm and shapely. Hence the demand among women for breast augmentation techniques like implant surgery or herbal breast enhancement such as Breast Actives.

The fondling of a woman’s breasts, either as foreplay or during intercourse, results in the release of central neuropeptide hormones, which include endorphins and testosterone. The release of these hormones in the body creates a surge of sexual arousal which, in turn, increases blood flow to the clitoris and vagina areas. Once the clitoris is engorged with blood, vaginal lubrication occurs as the vagina prepares for the entry of the penis.

boobs for sexual arousalThere are various ways to stimulate the boobs for maximum sexual arousal. The preferred method varies from person to person. Some women like their partners to focus only on their nipples, rubbing and stroking or licking and sucking them. Others enjoy their entire breast being fondled and held in their lovers’ hands. Others may want fondling of the entire breast together with sucking of the nipples. There are some who enjoy rougher techniques like pinching or biting. Often, a combination of all of these methods gives maximum sexual arousal.

While fondling of breasts and stimulating the nipples are pleasurable experiences for both the woman and her male partner, there are misconceptions that cause some women to needlessly deprive themselves of these pleasures. These include rumours that stimulating the breasts vigorously can cause breast cancer. This is totally false and should be completely disregarded. However, there are times when very rough handling of the breasts can cause bruising, and care should be taken to avoid this.

Some women enjoy breast stimulation beyond the simply fondling of the boobs or sucking of the nipples. For more intense stimulation, there are sexual products available that can take breast stimulation to a much higher level. These include nipple clamps and nipple suction devices.

Of course, there are women who need more than just breast stimulation to achieve adequate vaginal lubrication for satisfactory intercourse. In addition to the various techniques of foreplay which include kissing, stroking the genital area and stimulating the clitoris with fingers or tongue, there are female sexual enhancement creams.

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