Female Sexual Response Cycle

Masters and Johnsonfemale sexual response, the pioneering researchers into human sexuality, identified four stages of physiological responses during sexual stimulation, for both men and women. They named these four stages as:

  1. Excitement Phase
  2. Plateau Phase
  3. Orgasmic Phase
  4. Resolution Phase

We will consider the different physical manifestations of these four phases of sexual stimulation and response, in the human female. Continue reading “Female Sexual Response Cycle”

Thai Massage – An Introduction

What is Thai Massage?

Thai traditional MassageThai massage is an ancient healing art thought to have traveled from India to Thailand some 2500 years ago, developing into the system used in Thailand today. Until fairly recently it was a restricted art, only practiced in Buddhist temples where it was regarded as a spiritual healing system utilising invisible energy lines that run through the body. Continue reading “Thai Massage – An Introduction”